Reading 3D 2015-2016

CMS Reading 3D Benchmark windows:

Reading 3D Summary Document

Reading 3D Overview and Refresher PPT from 9/3/14

mCLASS Enrollment Guide

mCLASS North Carolina FAQs (June 2014)

mCLASS NC FAQ Document Q and A

TRC Written Comprehension Calibration PowerPoint

TRC Written Comprehension Calibration Sample Questions and Responses

*These will be uploaded when new ones are written to reflect the new Written Com questions.

Kindergarten Entry Assessment (KEA)

Shared Kindergarten Staggered Entry Assessment from Elon Park Elementary School

KEA Training #1 PowerPoint (from April 27, 2015 training at Spaugh)

KEA Training #1 Handouts (from April 27, 2015 at Spaugh)**

2013-2014 August 19th Reading 3D PowerPoint and Information

Questions about Reading 3D/DIBELS Next:
DIBELS Next information

Additional Reading and Writing Assessment Information:

MAP Assessments