The following information was created for the Aug 19, 2013 Curriculum Day. If you choose to use this for training this year (2014-2015), please note the change in dates and use this PowerPoint:

The school year is about to begin and we know there are many opportunities and trainings available for you and your staff as you gear up for the new school year.

This year all K-3 students will be assessed with the state adopted Reading 3D assessment system. In order to support your school, we are providing a PowerPoint presentation that can be used on the August 19th Elementary Curriculum Day.

There are many schools that have provided Reading 3D training for their teachers; however, there are some schools that have not. In order to meet the needs of all schools, the PowerPoint provided with this memo is a general overview and reminder for teachers. If you need more in depth training, please visit to download the Reading 3D Training of Trainers materials. The username is R3DTrainer and the Password is Read1234 (both are case sensitive) to access the PowerPoints.

There is flexibility on the 19th as to when this is completed; however, the expectation is that all teachers will receive training at their school site before the September 9th benchmark window opens.

PLEASE NOTE: For additional support, there are a multitude of tutorials and resources on the site. There are also 2 individuals from each elementary school who received training from the NC DPI to deliver this PD.